Classic Educational Essays

Below you’ll find a collection of Porter’s classic essays on buying stocks and evaluating businesses, investing, and timeless wealth ideas:

How to Buy the Most Capital-Efficient Stocks, Safely
A step-by-step, paint-by-numbers guide to making a fortune in stocks: 1) Find companies that last 2) Only buy capital-efficient stocks that offer the potential of compounding returns 3) Buy shares at “no-risk” prices.

The Only Chance You’ve Got to Be a Successful Investor
Porter reveals the unpleasant truth that most investors will not make money in the stock market… “the only chance you’ve got to become a successful investor is to start by acknowledging that reality.”

There’s No Secret to Investment Success… Except This One
Porter explains the importance of determining what makes for a great business over the long term and shows where to find the world’s greatest businesses today… “gauging the qualities that make for a successful business is vastly easier and far more certain that trying to predict future investment performance any other way.”

Economic Goodwill
This interview with Porter features a simple, but often misunderstood, investment idea. This is the secret behind the success of investment greats like Warren Buffett…

What Financial Pros Do With Their Parents’ Money
Porter shows the power of compounding and explains how it’s not too late to get started today… “If you’re not generating income with your portfolio every month, stop being a loser. Move your investments into the world’s best dividend-paying companies.”

Teach Your Children to Be Millionaires by the Time They’re 40 Years Old
Porter’s advice for 20-year-olds: live beneath your means, stay out of debt, and work on increasing your income. This is far more important than trying to achieve any particular investment result.

Why We Prefer Investing to Speculating
Porter talks about why he prefers to be an investor more than a speculator… and why he prefers recommending businesses he knows a lot about, whose value he can accurately and confidently ascertain.

Why College Is a Waste of Time and Money
Porter lays out alternative options teenagers should consider before jumping into college… “Forget about college. Instead, travel for a year. Go to several major cities. Work and intern in many different industries. Get a sense of the world. Learn what makes people tick.”

The Most Valuable Investment Secret of All
Porter describes the most advanced skill you can develop as an investor – the emotional discipline to be incredibly patient. “If you want to succeed in investing, you have to be other-worldly in your ability to wait until you get the rarest opportunities – a chance to buy the business you’ve always wanted at the right price.”

The Only Investments I Hope My Kids Ever Make
If you were going to limit all of your investments to only one sector of the economy – only one type of business or one kind of stock – what would you buy? Porter answers that question in what he calls “the world’s best business.”

How to Protect Yourself From the End of America
Porter’s classic thesis on what will inevitably cause the “End of America”… and what we must do to protect ourselves.