What People Are Saying About Porter

“There are very few people other than [Porter] and a few others who have so consistently sounded the alarm about the deep trouble that governments have gotten the world into, and I just wanted to mention that in case people aren’t aware. Porter, you deserve congratulations for that, and thank you very much.” – Richard Maybury

“There are a lot of people who don’t see what’s coming that are not prepared for it, and that’s a shame. I wish everybody would listen to [Porter]. Then maybe we’d all be better off. But, unfortunately, it never works that way.” – Jim Rogers

“Let me tell you, I’m impressed with how much you know. Because, for being a financial guy, you know all about this [oil] production.” – T. Boone Pickens

“What I have learned to appreciate the most was not the money I made, but the KNOWLEDGE you’ve given me. I have two degrees (Business Administration & Actuary), a MBA and a PHD in Economics – but I have learned much more about business, finance and economics through Stansberry than all my degrees combined – by far. As a result, I’m richer, smarter and wiser today than I was before.” – subscriber Alex R.

“I am quite sure that you have done nothing less than completely transform my financial future and life. I am eternally grateful and thankful for the services you are providing.” – subscriber Tom P.

“I wanted to thank you for your efforts to educate us about investing… and thank you for your political/cultural comments about our society as a whole. I particularly appreciate your candor to say the things everybody knows are true, but are too afraid to say in public.” – subscriber Andy S.

“I have been reading and acting on your writing for almost three years. I wish I would have had this type of information 30 years ago, and particularly before 2007 and 2008. Not only would I be better retired now, but I would be comfortably retired and able to travel much of the world I will now only see on video. I am passing this series on to my three sons, all in their forties. As a father I always want to see my sons more successful than I have been. You have made this gift possible by your wisdom passed onto my sons and grandchildren. They will LEARN “and EARN as their successes grow.” – subscriber Ronald S.

“Before I started receiving your investment advisories, I knew that our country was headed in a very wrong direction, but I did not know how to minimize the personal impact to our family from this process of endless debt. I may not get out of the coming crisis completely unscathed, but you and your wise counselors have given me many ways to help financially protect my family. Thank you for all of your help. This is one paid up subscriber that is very, very happy with receiving the truth. Please keep up the good work!” – subscriber Rick R.